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They're not just flowers... they're Carter's!

We provide the highest quality of personalized service, florals, and the most imaginative and creative designs. Your wedding will truly stand out from the crowd! Visit our Wedding Galleries and Linen Rentals for a sampling of all the possibilities!

Your wedding is important to us! Our consultations are free and generally last from one to one-and-a half hours. We require an appointment to gather information about your desires, establish pricing parameters, and provide the personalized, uninterrupted service you deserve.

Please complete our Online Wedding Consultation Questionnaire which will enable us to show you the best selections and samples during your consultation.

Wedding table settingAppointments are generally scheduled Monday through Thursday, daytime and early evening, since Friday and Saturday we are busy working on weekend weddings. Weekend appointments are available but on a limited basis. Virtual appointments may also be scheduled for your convenience, especially for destination wedding brides.

We recommend scheduling your consultation after you have make decisions regarding the date, location, times, and colors, especially the bridal and bridesmaids gowns. The bridal colors generally dictate the flowers and price points. Bring everything you have with you to your consultation, material swatches, accessories, and especially pictures you may have collected that have caught your eye. The more information you provide us, the more specific advice and creative ideas we are able to offer you!

Factors that affect the prices of your florals

Bride on her wedding day

Quantities - More bridesmaids, corsages, church pieces and guests will require more flowers

Varieties - The more seasonal the flowers, the lower the price. The more exotic, fragile or limited in availability, the higher the price. Special flower varieties and quantities come with a higher price. Selecting a more general category usually results in lower prices. Elaborate compositions require more time and expertise to create then simpler designs.

Season - Although purchased in a global market, flowers remain seasonal. Choosing flowers in season at the time of your wedding is the best value. If you require flowers that are out of season, the cost can fluctuate. Flowers in high demand such as red roses around Valentine’s Day can significantly increase the price.

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Florals and decor are a very important part of your wedding ceremony and celebration. They will always be an integral focal point seen in your pictures. We want you to always say, “They weren't just flowers...they were Carter’s!,” five, ten, fifteen years from now and on!

Enjoy a complimentary, no-obligation consultation for your Carter’s wedding florals and decor. Our consultations are free. Just complete our Online Wedding Consultation Questionnaire and we will call or email you with available appointment dates and times.

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